Mihai Nueleanu

Creative problem solving.


An avid Engineer with experience at all levels of the stack. Has had a passion for science and mathematics since he was a kid. But more than anything, technology has always been the center of his interest.

Outgoing and sympathetic, motivated person with a great passion for technology and science. The kind of person that gets things done, which is something he takes great pride in. Good eye for detail and to make the most of the time and resources he has been given to create the best possible outcome.

He has good teamwork and communication skills, and keeps a high sense of personal responsibility. Reliable, hardworking, a quick learner, always eager to better himself, and loves a good challenge.


Engineering DevOps Project Management Product Ownership Security IAM Agile Development Leadership Recruitment Training Team management UI/UX
JavaScript / Typescript C# Python Java PHP SCSS
React Node.js Vue.js dotNET core Django React Native Svelte SpringBoot Angular
Kubernetes Docker Serverless/Lambda Terraform Ansible AWS DigitalOcean GCP IBM Cloud Heroku
MongoDB PostgreSQL Meilisearch Neo4J Redis Kafka SQL Server CouchDB
Cypress (e2e web) Jest (node and web) PyTest (python) XUnit (dotnet core) JUnit (java)
Linux Git REST GraphQL Grafana & Loki Jenkins VS Code Sentry DataDog LogDNA GitHub Actions Jira Windows Mac Wordpress CloudFlare


Native proficiency
Native proficiency
Elementary proficiency


  • Opportunity to use my creativity
  • Opportunity for taking responsibility
  • Challenging projects
  • Creating a meaningful impact



CTO, Co-founder / April 2021 – present / Copenhagen

We believe that books and their place in the internet age haven't quite been figured out yet. And we're building Literal to solve that. We want to give book readers a delightful online experience. And we're having tons of fun building the platform.

From a technical point of view, Literal is the ideal project. We need to be on top of our game with our data, infrastructure, web frontend, mobile, devops. We're tackling it all, and it's an absolute thrill! Not to mention that our tech stack is absolutely amazing - Nodejs, Typescript, React, React Native, Kubernetes, Python, Postgres, MongoDb, just to name a few.


Technical lead / August 2020 – March 2021 / Copenhagen

Kiosk is a cloud-based broadcasting solution that makes it easy for you to share the content you care about with all your colleagues.

Part of the "Founders" startup incubator, this workplace is vibrant and full of excitement.

IBM Garage

Full-Stack Developer / June 2019 – July 2020 / Copenhagen

"The speed of a startup, at the scale of an enterprise" - a catchphrase which I think describes the Garage very well.

I work as part of a small agile team of experts, to advise and develop innovative solutions on behalf of our customers. From startups to enterprise, I help bringing our customers' ideas to reality.

In this role, I work with the latest and best technologies, across any technology stacks that come our way, which fits great with my agnostic approach towards technology. The winner tech is whatever gets the job done best.

I practice extreme-programming on a daily basis, together with Test-Driven Development.


Lead developer & Product Owner / Oct 2012 – Feb 2017 & Oct 2017 - June 2019 / Copenhagen

I began working as a developer on implementations of web solutions. My responsibilities evolved over the years from single tasks to entire client implementations, and later on to product ownership.

I managed my own team of developers and together we worked on a project which I am the owner of. My responsibilities in this project spanned from concept to execution, and every step in between, i.e. system architecture, technology selection, server infrastructure, continuous delivery, product development, and more. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to personally build this team, starting from recruitment, to training, support and management.

This position has enabled me to create positive changes on an ongoing basis in the places where the company was lacking technologically or otherwise. I’ve been a driver of improvement in internal development processes, I’ve innovated in the product line of the company, and I was always improving the software lineup. Overall, I’ve been involved in the majority of the software solutions of the company.

Independent Strategic Technology

Full-Stack Developer / Feb - Sep 2017 / Manchester

I’ve been working as a developer with primary focus on Angular & .Net Core development. During my stay in Manchester, with IST, I got the chance to work on an innovative product within the fin-tech industry, and practice my skills on fresh technologies, along-side with a newly established team of developers.


System architect / 2016 / Copenhagen

Own startup based in Copenhagen for which I have designed and developed a system which had as a purpose the recommendation of luxury goods based on user preferences. The project was highly valuable on a professional level as it enabled me to explore and advance my practical knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and industry best-practices, i.e. machine-learning, system architecture, modern full-stack JavaScript, big-data analysis.


Master of Science (MSc), Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship

Aalborg University Copenhagen / 2015 - 2017

This study emphasized teamwork and collaboration, bringing the students into the cutting-edge, advanced areas of ICT. What is exceptional is that the program focused not only on theory and textbooks, but on how ICT can be truly useful in real life.

Main focus:
  • Internet technologies and service architectures
  • Identity and access management
  • Interaction design
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business
  • Communication and Media Management
  • Application and architecture development
  • Machine learning and recommendation systems
  • Sensors, data gathering and algorithms

Bachelor of Science (BSc), IT, Communication & New Media

Aalborg University Copenhagen / 2012 - 2015

Dynamic environment where the emphasis was put on team work and collaboration. The backbone of the program are long-term projects for which the students were free to choose any topic, as long as it relates to the semester's theme. I've found this "Problem-Based Learning" methodology to be extremely efficient at cementing knowledge, and building essential teamwork skills.

Main focus:
  • Network and application security
  • Computer networks and Next-gen Networks
  • Communication and broadcast networks
  • Java and Android programming
  • Databases
  • Distributed systems and Distributed Organisations
  • Applied statistics, Calculus and Linear algebra
  • Economics, Business law

Notable academic contributions

Mizaru: Privacy to email providers

The project focused on designing and developing an extra-secure web-based email client, with the purpose of protecting the privacy of users. The project had at heart the Zero Knowledge Privacy philosophy and it was designed to provide end-to-end encryption, while not even storing the original encryption keys. With Mizaru, the user can simply keep using their existing email provider, while enjoying the perks of being private, without having to install any software or browser extension.

BlueID: Secure, smart lock

Mechanical lock-and-key access control is notoriously insecure in this day and age; virtually anyone can break a lock with the most basic tools. Why not leverage technology? This project was about designing a secure phisical access control system using ubiquitous technologies, i.e. Smartphones, Bluetooth. While there are existing products to fill the niche, ALL of them have security issues which can only be mitigated through a design revamp. BlueID uses simple technologies in a clever way, to provide an extra-secure lock mechanism, which can be used just by having your smartphone with you.

SmartTrack: Issue tracking

Issue tracking and project management are problematic within any software company. SmartTrack was about creating an efficient, dynamic tool which would enable managers, marketing, and developers to speak the same languaage. The system was designed and crafted based on data extracted from several user tests and was evaluated against other issue tracking systems, ultimatelly surpassing them in the eyes of the users.

DASPOS: Smoke and fire prevention

The project was conducted in collaboration with DASPOS, a company which delivers high-cost sophisticated fire prevention equipment all around the globe. In an attempt to increase cost-efficiency, security and accessibility, the project resulted in an end-to-end design and specification of a monitoring system, expanding accessibility and accountability through the use of mobile applications, web-apps and others.

Affordable internet in remote areas

The project revolved around providing internet connectivity to remote rural areas, where conventional infrastructure is too expensive to deploy. The case study was based in the rural areas of Tanzania, and the research was conducted in parallel with field experts. The result was a detailed step-by-step plan to deploying affordable internet infrastructure in rural Tanzania, while considering the needs of the people in the area.

Search engines and privacy

Google has been the defacto search engine of the world. Yet, a closer look reveals concerning issues that Google and other major search engines have in the area of user privacy. This project is an analysis of Search Engines, some which track users and some which don't, in an attempt to determine whether one may be profitable while maintaining high standards of user privacy.


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